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To make strategic, timely business decisions, senior management needs accurate, accessible and actionable information. The Refined Data solution helps resolve operational headaches, reduce business risk, create happy tenants and increase Net Operating Income.

C-Suite Advantage:

  • Full-spectrum of information
  • Real time information
  • Snapshots AND/OR detailed history across the portfolio
  • Review all aspects of business from operations to maintenance and more
  • Look at overviews/trends AND/OR drill down

Refined Data is a trusted business partner:

  • A fresh, creative, experienced perspective
  • Wide range of services
  • Appreciation for your business objectives
  • Software that works for you and your team

Vice President/Directors

While our services are tried and true, they are also ‘tuned to fit’, aligning with your organization’s strategic goals. Information can be accessed ‘horizontally’ across the portfolio or ‘vertically’ within each aspect of building management.


  • Operations
  • Risk
  • IT
  • Governance

Our solution is built on simple, easy-to-use solutions to empower field staff while ensuring critical information generated by operations is available at every level of the organization. Isolated Data delivers a snapshot in time. Aggregated Data provides a strategic overview. Both offer opportunity for analysis and action.

Use Refined Data to:

      • Increase tenant acquisition, retention and Net Operating Income
      • Evaluate the success of each department against strategic objectives
      • Keep the organization on track to meet KPIs for each department


Our solution offers managers the opportunity assign, deploy, measure and review

their all task associated with building management and maintenance.

Refined Data ensures the right people get the right information at the right time.

Our Solution:

  • Always evolving to ensure relevance
  • Easy data collection from meters, monitors, existing software, field staff
  • Portfolio-wide view of operations
  • Configurable dashboard provides summary information, trends, exceptions and more
  • Set configurable alarms for outliers and never get blindsided
  • Take control! Our clients tell us the solutions make them better managers

Building Engineer

For building engineers, our solution offers a lean, focussed perspective. Our 1 Look 5 Views interface provides a full set of operational information on any (and every) given piece of equipment. On system by system basis, review information and requirements on:

Other features include:

  • Ability to sync / coordinate with property manager
  • Simplified compliance with local fire and building codes
    • Regular inspection schedules for elevators, extinguishers, smoke detectors
  • Meet/maintain local, state/provincial/federal health and OHS and Environmental codes and regulations
  • Work order system to manage maintenance and repair schedules, vacant office or living spaces and more

Track your tasks and/or manage a connected crew of:

  • Maintenance field staff
  • Grounds keepers
  • Renovation professionals
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC specialists and more

Property Manager

Property Managers administer a demanding range of accountabilities. Everything from tenant requests to building maintenance to fire safety, move-in/move-out preparations and more. Refined Data’s solution provides a single operational view so property managers can run their buildings effectively.

  • All building tasks managed using a simple, mobile app
  • The app creates a balanced set of daily tasks to optimize scheduling
  • Spend less time online and more time with tenants
  • For managing multiple properties, Refined Data streamlines workflow, saves time and makes scheduling tasks a snap
  • Designed by experienced Property Managers to handle the demands of the ongoing maintenance issues, client requests and emergency response events

By automating the mundane, eliminating paperwork and streamlining communications, we free up Property Managers to focus on the unpredictable and varied challenges of managing a building.

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