Unified Task Management

Optimize your operations

Managing the Portfolio Virtually

Building maintenance across a real estate portfolio includes a complex spectrum issues involving incoming data; weekly, monthly, annual planning; inspections, schedules, deployment; and, the ability to both anticipate and react. Tenant expectations, local regulatory requirements, lifespans of building systems and more must all be provided for in an effective task management plan.

Refined Data is the fastest, easiest, most effective solution to bring all your property management data together for efficient, insightful management from one easy-to-use mobile/cloud-based app.

Better Maintenance

Reduce Breakdowns

Increased Value

Bringing Order to Task Management

Planning often involves choosing between where to save time and where to save money. Refined Data’s Task Management solution delivers both.

Our easy to use dashboard gives back time and control by simplifying and optimizing work orders and assets. If you are currently using spreadsheets or paper, you are playing a time-consuming, risky game of here today, gone tomorrow.

With Refined Data, costs are controlled as we bring all building maintenance and asset management operations together for efficient, comprehensive attention. Better communication eliminates confusion. Backlogs and delays are avoided thanks to preventive and predictive planning. And, our software that efficiently connects office to field, means no more work will go undocumented or worse, fall through the cracks.

Save time or save money? Our easy-to-use dashboard offers the answer “Both!”

Simple, Elegant, Powerful

Refined Data is built specifically for the unique needs of the real estate enterprise. Combining solid technical talent with real industry expertise, we have created a solution that provides visibility of information across the full real estate management spectrum. Our open and extensible platform enables seamless connection with third-party systems to streamline operations and eliminate data islands. Our platform easily connects with leasing and accounting systems, customer portals, websites and energy management systems.

Refined Data solutions also offer simple connection to existing systems like Yardi, JD Edwards, MRI and SAP.

Empower your Property Managers, Building Engineers and Field Staff

Through the use of our Android and IOS mobile apps, our clients experience better organization, communication, accountability and productivity gains of up to 30%.

From their handheld device, anyone can:

  • View their assigned Tasks
  • Check off completions while actually doing the work
  • Receive instant communications via push and email notifications
  • Start new tasks while out in the field
  • Respond to and log problems while working on the problem
  • Lookup critical asset information while diagnosing a problem

Paperwork (often in triplicate) for orders and records has been considered a necessary evil in the maintenance world. With Refined Data, paper-pushing can be virtually eliminated. Inputting data for a task in the Refined Data app is faster, easier, backed up, more shareable and more secure than filling out a f paper order or report.

The Refined Data mobile app is a powerful time-saving tool. It allows field staff to go from one job to the next without having to return to home base. Field staff receive additional assignments and priorities in real time, reducing the need for calls, texts, or emails.

Easiest Onboarding Experience

The software is easy to setup, easy to learn and easy to use


Our pre-launch review process, dedicated attention, and personal trainers ensure that you realize Refined Data benefits faster.


You don't need to start from scratch with Refined Data. We'll share the best practices used by our most successful customers.


To ensure a smooth transition, we'll help convert your old data and transfer it into your Refined Data account.

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