Energy and Sustainability

Creating a brighter future for your business and the world

Simple, Elegant, Powerful

Refined Sustainability uses your utility and waste data to provide you with elegant dashboards you can use to identify trends, model best practices and reduce both energy usage and your carbon footprint.

Refined Data links to your existing systems like Yardi, JD Edwards, MRI and SAP. We also connect with ENERGY STAR and GRESB to streamline your management and reporting processes.

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Powerful Sustainability Software

Refined Sustainability automates your data collection, analysis and reporting through powerful
“Meter to Investor Reporting”.

Easy for Field Staff to Use

The Refined Sustainability mobile solution for your field staff is exceptionally easy to use on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

We also support offline access so you can stay productive in areas of the building that do not have internet access.

Field staff can continue to work and our app will search for a wifi signal and automatically sync all updates when a connection is made, keeping everyone on the same page.

Clarity for Managers

Refined Sustainability provides you with a management dashboard that summarizes your energy usage and sustainability performance across either single sites or a portfolio of properties.

You can track KPIs for energy consumption, carbon footprint and waste production to demonstrate your progress over time both in energy usage and carbon footprint reduction..

You have imme- diate access to a wide range of ad-hoc and pre-built reports that allow you to easily track, processes and issue detailed sustain- ability reports.

Effortlessly collect utility, waste, and water data.

Create investment-grade reports and e-file them to GRESB on Demand

Benchmark performance and identify opportunities to grow

Peace of Mind for Senior Executives

Senior executives can track progress against strategic goals through the high-level Executive Dashboard to provide a view of performance across the portfolio.

The dashboard provides and overall health check of the company and identifies any areas of strategic concern.

The application also supports workflow for executive signoff on key reports and activities as and if required.

Easiest Onboarding Experience

The software is easy to setup, easy to learn and easy to use PERSONALIZED ONBOARDING

Our pre-launch review process, dedicated attention to you, and personal trainers ensure that you realize the benefits faster. BEST PRACTICES

You don’t need to start from scratch with Refined Data. We’ll share all the best practices used by our most successful customers. DATA MIGRATION

To help make your transition as smooth as possible, we’ll help you convert your old data and transfer it into your Refined Data account.


Whether taking a simple poll or executing an in-depth Insurance Risk and Compliance questionnaire, our built-in Survey Builder has you covered


  • Pre-built Questionnaires and Inspections
  • Create tenant safety surveys and assign scores, prerequisites and KPIs
  • Incorporate branching questions and skipping logic so surveys remain relevant & short
  • Our questionnaire builder has advanced scoring and modeling capabilities 
  • Automated surveys can be created for single use, or annually, etc.
  • Questionnaires are fully integrated with the Refined Data platform

For more information on the Questionnaire Builder

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