Questionnaire Builder

Be on guard and avant-garde at the same time

Create Questionnaires with ease

A simple poll? In-depth risk management questionnaire? We’ve got you covered. Create any type of survey—from simple to sophisticated—with our powerful and easy-to-use survey builder.

  • 10+ Question types relating to a building’s LEED EB:OM, BOMA BESt or GRESB candidacy
  • Create questionnaires and assign scores, prerequisites and KPIs
  • Incorporate branching questions and skipping logic
  • The questionnaire’s advanced scoring and modeling capabilities can be single use, weekly, monthly, annually etc.
  • Questionnaires are fully integrated with the Refined Risk platform

Simple and Powerful

With the Questionnaire Builder, you have access to a powerful and flexible tool you can use to build your own surveys and questionnaires. Quickly create surveys, collaborate with others, and get the data you need to make smarter decisions.

  • Create professional surveys with advanced logic and more
  • Track and share information with anyone in your organization
  • Get the data you need to make smarter business decisions

Features you will love

  • Customize your questionnaire builder to meet your exact needs
  • Create multiple score values per questions
  • Assign a series of different scores to questions
  • Organize all your reports and get to them in a snap with this simple document management system
  • Set reminders and alarms to keep you on top of everything you need to manage!


Create powerful surveys with advanced scoring and modeling capabilities

Ask the right questions with expert-certified templates to get you started (ie. LEED EB:OM and BOMA BESt)

Create polished, professional reports in just a few minutes.

Track results on the go

Easily manage all your users and property management data

Own data regardless of personnel changes

SSL security to protect your survey data

Secure single sign on available through integration with your IT network

What the Questionnaire Builder Does

  • Each question sits in a ‘Question Pool’ and that question can be used in multiple questionnaires. You can set it up so if it gets answered in one questionnair it is also answered in all the other questionnaires it belongs to!
  • There are more than 10 different question types (multiple choice, drop box, numerical value, date etc.).
  • You can assign behaviors to questions like have them skip the next question if a user answers ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or ‘Not Applicable’. You can also direct the user to specfic forms in the database to add or edit existing information.
  • Each question can be assigned a score for different categories that you create. For example you can assign a single question a BOMA score, a LEED score and an OHS score based on the user’s response.
  • You can create different categories for a questionnaire based on the score generated by someone completing that questionnaire. For example a score between 121 and 142 gives a user a Platinum level, 99 and 120 would be Gold, 81 and 98 silver etc.