Occupational Health & Safety

Documenting and reporting on
Occupational Health issues shouldn't hurt!

Comprehensive, yet Simple

The Refined OHS module is a simple, centralized solution to manage all Occupational Health and Safety information from any/all sites in the portfolio.

  • Monitor, measure, audit, and review all occupational health & safety data.
  • No addons or extras, be up and running in weeks with a complete solution right out of the box

Refined OHS stores all your OH&S reports, photos, maps and environmental questionnaires. It holds information on environmental issues that affect property values, such as underground storage tanks, asbestos, mould and hazardous materials.

Information gathered during an Environmental Site Assessment is also stored in the application so you can instantly review site history, the surrounding land use history and other data that make it possible to review overall risks associated with your building assets.


Use safety management software to report and track injuries and illnesses in compliance with company, regulatory and industry requirements. (Including OSHA, WCB, RIDDOR, and MSHA) Manage and improve all aspects of your Occupational Health & Safety program.

Audits & Inspections

Complete your audits and inspection in half the time and effortlessly track and report findings. Use our standard checklists for common inspections or build your own. Ensure all your obligations are being met.

Actions & Tasks

Ensure compliance with every regulatory, company and other requirement by planning work in advance and taking advantage of automated to execute. Inspire company-wide compliance with all regulatory and other requirements even if they occur infrequently.

Work Observations

Report and track hazardous conditions and behaviors in the workplace and ensure the organization is learning from them. Gain insight into company-wide performance related to hazards and behaviors an ensure corrective actions are implemented to avoid recurrence.

Hazards & Risks

Identify and manage hazards, perform risk assessments, and automate the important processes related to each. Roll-up the data to get a global perspective and drill down to see the local picture examining every significant hazard along with implementation of controls.

Training Management

Improve employee training programs with easy-to-use safety software. Track and improve training while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Eliminate wasted time and money by using an integrated training management system to replace outdated spread and manual processes.

ISO 45001

Easily monitor, measure, audit, and review nearly anything related to your Occupational Health & Safety management system and ISO 45001 (intended to replace OHSAS 18001). Be up and running in weeks and have a complete solution right out of the box.

Safety Meetings

Comprehensive tracking of safety meeting minutes and participation. Makes it easy to collect information on which employees are participating in safety meetings, and what they discuss, as well as when and where.

Safety Drills

Identify and manage hazards, perform risk assessments, and automate the important processes related to each. Roll-up the data to get a global perspective and drill down to see the local picture examining every significant hazard along with implementation of controls.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Refined OHS offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, including regulatory accident reporting forms. Powerful dashboards let you slice and dice your OHS data so you can see what’s happening across your properties.

Pre-built and ad-hoc reports let you find and aggregate any OHS information for analysis and reporting to both field personnel and the executive team. And, you can export any of your reports to Microsoft Excel for modeling, distribution or custom reporting.

Regulatory Compliance

All the OHS data in the application is linked to Regulatory Summaries that are specifically developed for the real estate sector by Province and State. By subscribing to Refined Regulations you can jump from the storage tank form to a summary view of the State / Provincial regulations applicable to those tanks based on the property location.

Easy for Field Staff to Use

For field staff, the Refined Insurance mobile solution is exceptionally easy to use on phone or tablet.

  • Complete audits on-the-go
  • look up OHS information on any asset on the property that may pose a risk.
  • Offline support ensures staff can stay productive in areas of building with no internet access. App will reconnect and synch when WIFI is available

Connection with your Partners

Our solution allows trusted partners and contractors to access select areas of the application on a timed basis in order to enter data or findings. This can include your OHS Consultants or emergency response contractors.

Clarity For Managers

Refined OHS provides you with a management dashboard that summarizes health and safety performance across either single sites or a portfolio of properties. Issues covered by the software include:

  • Incident Management
  • Audit Management
  • Training Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Near Misses
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Compliance Obligations
  • Work Observations
  • Spills
  • Nonconformance Management

You can track KPIs for audit findings or safety issues to demonstrate your progress over time in reducing your risk portfolio wide. You can easily track, processes and issue detailed Safety Reports and have immediate access to a wide range of ad-hoc and pre-built reports that allow you to give your field and executive teams the information they need.

Peace of Mind for Senior Executives

Senior executives can track progress against strategic goals through our Executive Dashboard:

  • Gain a broad view of performance across the portfolio
  • Monitor safety performance and identify areas of risk
  • Support workflow for executive signoff on key reports and activities as required

Easiest Onboarding Experience

The software is easy to setup, easy to learn and easy to use


Our pre-launch review process, dedicated attention, and personal trainers ensure that you realize Refined Data benefits faster.


You don't need to start from scratch with Refined Data. We'll share the best practices used by our most successful customers.


To ensure a smooth transition, we'll help convert your old data and transfer it into your Refined Data account.


Whether taking a simple poll or executing an in-depth Insurance Risk and Compliance questionnaire, our built-in Survey Builder has you covered


  • Pre-built Questionnaires and Inspections
  • Create tenant safety surveys and assign scores, prerequisites and KPIs
  • Incorporate branching questions and skipping logic so surveys remain relevant & short
  • Our questionnaire builder has advanced scoring and modeling capabilities 
  • Automated surveys can be created for single use, or annually, etc.
  • Questionnaires are fully integrated with the Refined Data platform

For more information on the Questionnaire Builder

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