Insurance Risk Management

World class Insurance Risk Management in one seamless suite


Timely reminders to ensure tenants submit their up-to-date Certificates of Insurance


Checklists and reminders for field staff to inspect fire protection systems and maintain site log book


Ensure vendors are fully insured, properly trained and that they maintain employee certificates

Policy Wise

Our Insurance Risk Module safeguards your portfolio and promotes the long-term success of your business by measuring, evaluating and reporting on insurance risk metrics.

It’s a great piece of software that gives you a birds eye view of your insurance risks across your portfolio. It also connects with your claims management system to allow you to efficiently manage insurance risk corporate wide.

Get the Picture

Elegant real-time dashboards, a report generator and a library of pre-configured reports provide a 360 degree view of your organization’s insurance risk data at a glance, facilitating effective allocation of resources for risk management. We also have a whole range of fantastic reports that let you summarize all your Insurance data across business lines, by geography, by client or even a combination of key business lines.

You can only reduce or eliminate risk if you can see what’s happening in your business and the Insurance reporting module gives you the kind of visibility and analysis that has you make the very best decisions and minimize exposures.

Risk... Managed

Identify, assess, and prioritize insurance risk. Our software monitors key risk metrics across the organization to minimize, monitor, and control the impacts of your day-to-day operations on your insurance premiums.

Loss Control

Our Insurance Risk Module reduces loss across your business and improves your incident management process by identifying risks early and reducing the frequency and quantity of incidents. It also provides a mechanism for evaluating loss recovery to ensure your premiums stay low.

Ease of Use

For field staff, the Refined Insurance mobile solution is exceptionally easy to use on phone or tablet.

  • Complete daily and weekly walk-through audits
  • Look up fire and insurance information for any asset
  • Offline support ensures staff can stay productive in areas of building with no internet access. App will reconnect and synch when WIFI is available

Clarity for Managers

Refined Insurance provides a management dashboard offering a summary of insurance inspections, vendor compliance and claims management for single sites or across a portfolio of properties.

  • Track KPIs to demonstrate progress over time in reducing your risk portfolio-wide
  • Easily track, processes and issue detailed Inspection Reports and logs
  • Gain immediate access to a wide range of ad-hoc and pre-built reports ensuring everyone from field workers to executive teams have the information they need.

Peace of Mind for Senior Executives

Senior executives can track progress against strategic goals through our Executive Dashboard:

  • Gain a broad view of performance across the portfolio
  • Monitor safety performance and identify areas of risk
  • Support workflow for executive signoff on key reports and activities as required

Connect with Partners

Our solution allows trusted partners and contractors to access select areas of the application on a timed basis in order to enter data or findings. For example, this is a great solution for Fire Safety Consultants or emergency response contractors.


Whether taking a simple poll or executing an in-depth Insurance Risk and Compliance questionnaire, our built-in Survey Builder has you covered


  • Pre-built Questionnaires and Inspections
  • Create tenant safety surveys and assign scores, prerequisites and KPIs
  • Incorporate branching questions and skipping logic so surveys remain relevant & short
  • Our questionnaire builder has advanced scoring and modeling capabilities 
  • Automated surveys can be created for single use, or annually, etc.
  • Questionnaires are fully integrated with the Refined Data platform

For more information on the Questionnaire Builder

Questions? Answers!

Features You Can Take to the Bank!

The software is simple and easy to learn!

A dashboard anyone can use to slice and dice your Insurance data.

Access information in real time from your tablet or smartphone.

Risk Calculation Engine that allows you to calculate loss ratios for each site, a portfolio of sites or all your sites

Chat areas and Meeting spaces for faster communication!

Access instantly to a centralized repository for all your property insurance data.

Store Certificates of Insurance. You can store information about the property, individual buildings and even tenants.

An elegant document management system so you can organize all your policies and riders - and get to them in a snap.

Manage claims and subrogation either directly or via a connection to your third party claims adjustment system.

Ability to track Loss, Loss Prevention and Claims

A Task Builder that generates and sets reminders for all the weekly, monthly and annual Tasks required by your insurer.

The software has a work flow engine that lets you set tasks and make sure they get done through a reminder and sign-off system.

The software is sold as a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

The Insurance module is available as a standalone tool or as a fully integrated addition to our suite of Risk Management Solutions.

The software also integrates with your existing Claims and Property Management Systems like JD Edwards and Yardi and we also integrate with document management systems like SharePoint.