About Us

We Do Data

The world has become expert at collecting data. Organizations of almost every size, with the hope of making data-driven business decisions collect all manner of data from a wide variety of sources. A good start! Managing, analysing, formatting, reporting and otherwise wielding all this data is, however significantly less common.

Operations and profitability in the real estate sector are affected by a wide range of influences – anything from weather patterns along the west coast to thermostat settings in public areas to evolving regulatory conditions and aging infrastructure. Even being aware of all the balls one is meant to juggle is a challenge.

Refined Data, specialists in real estate enterprise software, design solutions to help our clients collect, report and act on all Operational Data across their portfolios. With millions of square feet of experience, we know what data to collect, but collection is only step one. Our software aggregates and dissects, it facilitates analysis, streamlines reporting, recognizes the different needs of organizational levels, and promotes action. 

Our simple, clear platform brings together operations, finance, maintenance, regulatory, tenant management, and more.

Refined Data clients include real estate firms, consultancies, and property management firms — all of whom benefit from the ability to wield large volumes of data to make insightful, strategic decisions that reduce operational and reputational risk, create happy tenants and increase Net Operating Revenue. 

Key Data Modules managed

  • regulatory compliance
  • operational efficiencies
  • Finance/capital management
  • environmental impact
  • OH&S factors
  • environmental risk
  • Insurance
  • sustainability
  • tenant engagement

Our Mission

To offer enterprise clients in the real estate sector, easy access to information from all areas of operations and to empower performance with relevant data, meaningful analysis and actionable insights.

Our Vision

Extraordinary performance founded on partnership, data-driven decision making, integrity and passion.