Ensuring successful virtual learning outcomes through engagement (Part 1)

Dodging the missiles by engaging with the class

Back in the day of the dinosaurs, I had a teacher who would whip a piece of chalk at you like he was picking off a runner leading off at second base if he thought your attention was drifting during class. He could have been a Baseball Hall of Famer such was his speed of release, velocity and accuracy. Trust me. I still have those white chalk marks.

In the digital age, however, it’s no longer possible – nor permissible – to hurl things at students. In a real-world classroom, instructors use a combination of eye contact, motion, voice inflection and pop questions to keep their students engaged.

Engagement, of course, is the key to the learning outcome. If there’s no engagement, there’s less absorption, comprehension and retention and no matter how much you invest in the technology, for the most part, it’s going to be money wasted.

We know this because study after study comes back with the same result: Engage or wither.

What then, can we do to ensure engagement in a virtual learning environment? The answer is more simple than you think; keep your audience entertained using all the tools technology provides along with the secret ingredient, your natural charm!

We’ll explore this idea in the next segment of this post.



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